Piston Designs

Our in-depth expertise in prototype construction enables us to deliver small-batch productions of dedicated pistons that meet the highest technologic demands and match 100% our customer needs. DP fabricates components to extremely precise dimensions, within very low tolerances and with excellent reproducibility, in large or small batches for various racing teams globally.

Various different piston types and designs are available according to actual engine needs and level of performance. Round type for street performance applications, slippery skirt lightweight designs for upgraded aspirated race engines, turbo reinforced types for high performance turbo engines and the top of the range fully box bridged piston designs both inner and outer braced for the serious racer and Turbo Drag application. 3D billet crown optimization (Top and Inner) is also available when required.

Round type piston (lightweight)
For special street performance applications mainly

Fully boxed bridged (inner and outer braced reinforcements)
piston designs for the serious racer with extra rein enforcements

3D billet crown optimization
3D crown optimization

Gas ports
For special street performance applications mainly

Extended lightening

Through pin oilers

Inner crown milling
For equal thickness and crown heat dissipation