Identity, Vision and Mission

01 - DP develops, manufactures, maintains and distributes engine parts in the hi-tech field, in the global niche market of motor racing industry. Our target is to be one of the world's leading manufacturers of engine parts for high performance and racing engines.

02 - We share our customers passionate desire to be always on top. What we want is to make the best of ourselves and do our utmost to ensure that our parts are made with the highest levels of quality. From design to manufacturing we never accept any compromise.

03 - Our basic motivation is to offer our highest quality products with care and respect to our customers in affordable costs.

04 - Engine components manufactured in our factory are found everywhere you need optimized weight, substantial manufacturing experience, highest quality, superb reliability, high-tech materials and appealing design.

05 - DP manufactures high-quality engine parts made exclusively from highest quality full traceable alloys in low and medium batches, using state-of-the-art machining facilities.