About us

DP engine parts are highest quality performance parts, manufactured from specialized materials to exacting tolerances that goes unmatched in the high performance industry.
About us

DP engine parts have guaranteed precision indexing and throw-to-throw consistency. Technologically advanced manufacturing capabilities featuring the latest available CNC-machine tools can ensure maximum repeatability and quality. All cnc machining centers are equipped with high quality probes and every part is monitored after each machining step so that dimensional tolerances will be held within microns. Quality verification through in-process and final inspection is performed for each part individually. All parts are machined in very small batches so the maximum accuracy can be achieved.

Complete traceability from raw material to final delivery. Every step from forging blanks to, machining billets and finishing final product can be controlled and certified for each step individually. Hardness tests, magnaflux tests, ultrasonic tests are always performed before or after machining process according to the machined part nature. State of the art research, design and engineering resources offering a full service solution to all levels of motorsport.

Complete project management services-including confidential engine development programs and race team consultation. Cutting edge technology including 3D solid modeling and Finite Element Analysis (FEA). Custom prototype design service and continuous research and development of the latest material, forgings and coating technologies to ensure maximum strength and weight reduction for all engine parts.

DP is specializing in custom short run production capability in approximately one week and turn around time of below 3 weeks from order date to shipment for most applications.